The Presidential Years


MANDELA: And before I discuss it with the press, I want to handle it in such a way

that there should be a movement forward. But you know that the Organisation of
African Unity has called for the [tape error renders inaudible] suspects must be tried
by a neutral country. That is the position which I discussed in 1992 with the
Americans, with President Mitterand, with King Carlos, King Carlos of Spain, as well
as Prime Minister Major. Our position is that the suspect must be tried by a neutral
country. We cannot accept that one country should be the complainant, the
prosecutor and the judge at one and the same time. Justice must not only be done
but must also be seen to be done. [GADAFFI APPLAUDS]

Q: [Inaudible] has been the cause of a lot of anger and concern

MANDELA: Well a politician must not have a delicate skin and [inaudible??] if you
are a politician you must be prepared to suffer for your principles. That is why we
chose to remain in prison for 27 years because we did not want to change our
principles. [GESTURING TO GADAFFI] This is my friend. He helped us at a time
when we were all alone. When those who are now saying we should not come here
were helping the enemy [LIGHT APPLAUSE] those who say I should not come here
have no morals and I’m not going to join them in their lack of morality.

clip #09 66786MT 22/10/1997 visits Libya; Muammar Gadaffi:, 22/10/1997

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