The Presidential Years

This site has been designed to showcase some of the many resources and research processes that took place in the course of the development of Dare Not Linger. We invite visitors to explore through four levels of information in which hundreds of artefacts, both digital and paper, are accessible.

Level 1 – Voices and Narrative

The main text is divided into 7 different ‘sections’, containing 19 ‘themes’. The text has been written with three threads in terms of voice - firstly, Mandela's own voice; secondly, the voice of others who worked or engaged with him; and finally, a narrative voice that weaves the accounts together. Each voice is styled to help visitor's distinguish who is speaking.

A black and white icon and italicised text depicts Madiba’s own words from the manuscript of his sequel. unprecedented challenge faced the first democratically elected government of the republic of South Africa. It was a major Rubicon to cross for the generation of dynamic and steeled freedom fighter who, for almost half of a century, had sacrificed everything for the liberation of their fatherland.

A colourful icon of Madiba depicts first-person material taken from a variety of other sources.

if there is one thing that would kill me almost immediately, is to wake up in the morning without knowing what to do. The only thing that keeps me going is the fact that I have a program to help the community to deal with questions of poverty, unemployment and the question of health.

The voices of other individuals, taken either from interviews or research material are shown indented with quotes and their name positioned at the bottom.

His entire political life has been guided by the vision of a democratic South Africa, its people united across the barriers of race, colour and religion, and contributing as a single nation to the pursuit of international peace and progress. For this reason, he knows no distinction between the struggle and his life.

Oliver Tambo

And finally, a narrative voice, like this one, that weaves the accounts together.

Level 2 - People, places, events and information notes

Throughout the pages of this site, we have placed links providing further information and people, places, events or sometimes detailing futher information uncovered in the research process. To activate these notes, hover your mouse or tap gently over the hyperlinked text.

Level 3 - Footnotes

Reference boxes appear on the right hand side of each page, material under copyright or with no online access appears as just a reference with a # (hashtag) to indicate you can go no further.

Where more information about a source is available, the reference box displays an → (arrow).ii

You may view the extra information by either clicking or tapping the arrow. This will take you to a new page to explore new passages of text from the original source.

You can also tap or click the footnote numbers to receive the same information on-screen without leaving the current page.

Level 4 - Original Sources

Wherever material is available online we will link you through to it, some items, including in our own collection, are yet to made available online, in these instances we have provided information about where you might view the hardcopy item.

General Navigation

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