The Presidential Years

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DD: One, just if you’ve got time on the New York thing. The stock brokers were launching Goldfields, that’s why they wanted you there, for commercial reasons.

NRM: ... As I say, when they invest in a country. and we want billionaires to invest in our country, it helps our economy. But our people are very careful. You know the president of the IMF came here and said, ‘The reason why your currency is unstable is because your foreign reserves are very low. I am prepared to help you, to give you funds’. And I say, ‘No the difficulty with you is that you impose conditions which violate the sovereignty of a country’. He says, ‘No I will not do so’. I was happy, I then called the Deputy President Thabo Mbeki and I said, ‘Man, this is what the IMF says’. He said, ‘Nothing doing’. I won’t go into the reasons which they advance but I regarded them as better than me in questions of this nature and I accepted their suggestion that we don’t want to be indebted to anybody. We want to rely on our own resources and taxation and so on.

DD: and getting money in from abroad, investing.

NRM: Yes

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Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory, Johannesburg

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