The Presidential Years

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South African President Nelson Mandela persuaded about 500 protesting former guerrillas to return to barracks after they marched from a camp to demand pay for fighting against the former apartheid government.

PRETORIA, SOUTH AFRICA, 9/9 ex-guerrillas marching from army barracks to office of president nelson Mandela back shot of march of rally goers standing about police and military with rifles rally goers on grass cu of them lying down south African president nelson Mandela appears Mandela says he is willing to talk and the grievances are legitimate: “their request. If you want to discuss with me here you are free to do so… All that I can say is that their grievances are very genuine and these are men and women who are committed to the struggle and who have been trained in various countries, some of whom have fought . We are very sensitive sympathetic to their demands”

SOWETO, SOUTH AFRICA, 10/11 memorial service for former PAC president Zeph Mothopeng interior of church Mandela taking holy communion choir singing next to Mothopeng grave tombstone Mandela seated next to Mrs. Mothopeng unveiling of Makwetu tombstone Mandela sot: by having leaders forget the past we can bring about far reaching change in the political scenario in this country" Mandela in church: “By the organisations coming together, by having leaders who can forget the past we can bring about far reaching change”

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