The Presidential Years


Date: ??.3.96 Piece: p.39 "With Nomavenda- notes for an interview, was it Nomavenda Mathiane or another journalist? - undated but located between notes date 13.33.96 and notes for meeting of 15.3.96

1. We knew that we would [??] OR

2. W

3. Advise collective leadership

4. Everyone has to look beyond their own group - South Africans.

Whites reconciliation means maintain the status quo

5. ANC never believed in Black majority - but principle of majority

6. We have RDP - changes just can't come overnight. Equality of opportunities. Economic growth must be accompanied by jobs.

6. Answered, part of a collective - policies advocated by NM [policies of org

7. ANC has been more open than any other party. Auditor-Gen. Public Protector

8. National health policy; [three illegible words] . Cultural sensitive. Positive about Nkosazana. AIDS groups - more resources