The Presidential Years

In a bitter and angry statement, Winnie Mandela resigned from the South African government Monday, pre-empting her second dismissal from her ministerial post which was due to come into effect tomorrow (Tuesday).

She continued to taunt her estranged husband President Nelson Mandela by suggesting that her dismissal as a Deputy Minister may be illegal.

President Mandela first fired his wife as Deputy Minister of Arts, Culture, Science and Technology on March 27, following her involvement in a string of embarrassing incidents and allegations of corruption.

Winnie Mandela went to court to challenge the dismissal which she

said was unconstitutional. The president reinstated her just long enough to dismiss her a second time - this time following the correct constitutional procedures.

The second dismissal would come into effect tomorrow Tuesday.

Winnie Mandela has seized upon yet another technical loophole and today resigned before being forced from office.

Winnie Mandela was angry over the manner in which the President and those in his office had handled her dismissal.