The Presidential Years

Journalist RICHARD DOWNES asks how is his relationship with Graca Machel going to develop?

MANDELA: Well, the women today are very sensitive to men expressing opinions on matters that involve them without consulting them. If she were here I would say to her, ‘What do you think my answer should be?’ Unfortunately she is not here. I think we should postpone that question for the moment when she will be with me.

RD: But you are known for your unconventional approach to such matters. Would you like to tie the knot?

MANDELA: Well, I have pointed that out in my culture we don’t discuss these questions with young people. Perhaps if Allister put the question I might feel tempted to answer. But with young people -

ALLISTER SPARKS: May I put it then?

MANDELA: Well you see if I have to discuss this question with you it should be away from youngsters.

AS: I’ll get my scoop later then

MANDELA: Very good

Original Source

SABC TV Archive, SABC Information Library, Johannesburg.