The Presidential Years

Well, again I must start off by saying my president here needs no introduction. This is President Frederick Chiluba of Zambia, one of the most outstanding heads of state, not only in our region but also in relation to Africa and the world. He is here to exchange views with me in regard to the problems which are facing the Southern African Development Community. We have discussed these matters for more than an hour. He also briefed me on the question of the elections in Zambia. As you know there are differences between the government party and the opposition led by Dr Kenneth Kaunda. This of course is a matter of grave concern to all of us especially because it involves Zambia. You all know that Zambia gave us asylum during the anti-apartheid era which enabled us to exert tremendous pressure against South Africa. We have that obligation because Zambia is our second home. We discussed the question of elections and my president here made a suggestion which I’m not going to tell you about and I hope you are not going to probe me because what we are interested in is a settlement and you are also interested in that. And he is a man with a great deal of responsibility and any suggestion he makes to me he must canvas with his colleagues back in Zambia. And for his colleagues to hear about these things form the press for the first time can create problems for him. I am satisfied with our discussion and I’m satisfied that we have made good progress which can bring about a solution in Zambia in regard to these elections. The president here, you’d like to listen to him because he’s a very eloquent speaker and, Mr President, please

CHILUBA: Mr President I don’t think I’ll any more eloquent than you are and you have been. As the President has said I came to consult and I believe that the discussions have been very well conducted and perhaps we will continue to consult, that’s how eloquent I am. Thank you



MANDELA: Well naturally discussing the situation in Zambia that would be one of the aims but as I say my president here has made what I consider to be very important suggestion in order to try and address and resolve this problem but I hope again you are not going to probe me further on this matter

CHILUBA: Well, I’m only generally concerned about all political parties as you know the elections this year, especially the presidential, they have been very heavily contested, we have five presidential aspirants. Never before since independence have we had a situation like that. But when you have one of two other people complaining naturally you have to listen to them because they too are part and parcel of this whole problem and I believe that we will resolve the problem one way or the other.

Q; on the threat to arrest journalists

CHILUBA: Where was the threat made to arrest a particular person? You know democracy invariably is the rule of law and you cannot advance personal wishes against people and at the same time apply the law but if the law applies itself to those who are breaking it it’s not the wish of a politician to arrest but the law will take its course and that’s about all

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