The Presidential Years

I can’t remember when and where, but we were in a discussion about the minister of finance, and that Derek Keys should be asked to stay on as minister of finance just to build confidence and because they were not certain how the economy players would respond. And we spoke, this was before the elections, we spoke with Madiba about the chairman of the Public Service Commission [Commission for Public Administration], we called him in to Shell House, and Madiba said to him we would like you to continue after the election to serve as chairman. In that particular meeting I was with Madiba, just the two of us I think, and this fellow. We were concerned about continuity in some of these areas and that there should be no backlash. So he stayed on for a year (he actually said, no he didn’t want to, he was planning to retire but he agreed). Also we had a discussion about Chris Stals, governor of the Reserve Bank. So I was involved in those discussions with him, things that were part of the transitional arrangements as such.

Vlli Moosa