The Presidential Years

There were certain things which he was very focused on.

One of them was majority rule. We would come up with this and that, proportional representation, nine provinces and then we came up this idea of a senate and national assembly and afterwards a council of provinces and national assembly and this and that. He would always ask the question how does this measure up to the need for majority rule, in which way does this dilute majority rule. He kept an eagle eye on that, he didn’t want anything that was going to dilute the will of the majority and result in the election of organs of power that were not in conformity with the will of the electorate. He was really, really, focused on that very much. He wouldn’t agree to anything that was going to do that. So the idea of some kind of minority protection, minority rights, special privileges, anything of that sort he was not going to agree to. He really kept the focus on that.

That was the one thing. He didn’t always worry about every little thing, he didn’t express too many views about everything, but on issues of principle, he kept focus.

The other thing was, he was clear in his mind that what we were trying to establish was a modern democracy which was modern in the sense that it would be one which is nonracial, nonsexist, secular and embodying all of the modern concepts and human rights. He was quite clear about that. He was very focused on that also.

Valli Moosa